Special Purpose Machines And Equipments

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Industrial Components Washing Machines - Industrial Components Washing Machines Manufacturers :

  Industrial Washing Machines are designed for different types of industrial components . we have developed Conveyorized Washing Machine for half bearings & Rotary Washing Machine for carburetors.
Conveyorized Washing Machine
Conveyorized Washing Machine
Centrifugal washing Machines
Washing Machines For Carburetor
Conveyorised And Centrifugal Washing Machines  For Machined Components.
Industrial Washing And Drying Machines.
Wind Shield Washer Pump Assembly Set - ups
Turbulence wash for heavy individual components
• Batch type: Spray Washing M/c Size A3, A4 for Industrial Components
• Cycle time: 10-12 min
• Drive: Heavy duty motor co-ordinate with gear box, pulley V Belt drive
• Capacity: 15 kg batch to 1000 kg
Rotary Washing Machine
Rotary Washing Machine
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Bearing Cage Washing Machine
Bearing Cage Washing Machine
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