Special Purpose Machines And Equipments

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Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machine (SPM) are those machine which are not available off the shelf. These are not Covered in standard manufacturing programs. Therefore those have to be designed & tailor made as Per the customers specific requirements. They are also called as bespoke machines. Always in the production process there is a long felt need to improve the quality of product, minimize rejection and increase the productivity per person, to cater to the pressing circumstances in the globalised world economy.
Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder
We are manufacturer of Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder.
It is a special purpose cylinder with rotary connection & linear movement used for Collet clamping. There are three models as per force requirement. It did not have any kind of stroke during the swings periods.
Type: Machine attachment
Material: Aluminum
Bore of cylinder: 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 mm of diameter
Rotation angle: 0, 45, 60, 90 degree Optional
Four optional swing angles: 0 / 45 / 60 / 90 degree
Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder
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SPM S for Process Automation
  Automation of non standard machining processes
Fine cutting / facing
Commutator turning operation
Valve end grinding machines
Special Purpose Machines - Special Purpose Equipments
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Special purpose Hydraulic Press
We are manufacturer of Special purpose Hydraulic Press. It can be supplied as per the requirement. A hydraulic press uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. Hydro pneumatic or Pure pneumatic presses also can be supplied. Plate heating option is available.
Hydraulic Press

• Operation: Manual and Auto
• Power : 220V
• Capacity: 50-3000T
• Stroke: 50-2000 mm

Special purpose Hydraulic Press
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Cage Stacker

The Cage Stacking Machine is a special purpose machine, intended for mechanized and oriented stacking of cages used bearing Industry. The machine stacks cages onto four separate rods, forming four stacks of opposite orientations.

Cages in vibratory bowl feeder are made to rotate in circular fashion are lifted up by twin chain & hook mechanism. Also the cages are singled out & transferred to a slant Al plate.
Cages move down the twin tracks under the influence & gravity. Excess cages are returned to the vibratory bowl via a covered chute.

The cages further travel horizontally on guide rod pushed by a chain & drive mechanism.
Oriented cages are dropped in two stack rods on left & two track rods on right hand side.

Cage Stacker
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