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TRB Automation Line

TRB Cage Automated Line

This line is developed for facing, notching, coining & spreading of cage blanks of Taper roller bearings (TRB). All the functions including feeding of cups to facing machine, indexing attachments for notching / coining & spreading are fully automatic. These functions are carried by use of the necessary mechanical / electrical or pneumatic means.

In this Auto line, all the equipment like Automatic Facing Machine, Automation Attachment to press, Auto Spreading Press, Feeders & Conveyors have facility for change tooling to suit the range of cage sizes. The lines are built as process from left to right, meaning input on left hand side & output on right hand side called as left line. Alternatively, right line or the R line means process from right to left. These two lines can be installed facing each other with a passage in between so that, it is possible for a single operator & a Q.C person to look after the production.

Input to this production line is drawn cups with centre hole as per finished size. The output is Taper cage with deformation at the base as per customer requirement.

TRB Cage Automated Line
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TRB Cage Automated Line
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