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We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Assembly Work Benches, Assembly WorkStations with an adjustable height bench, over-head light and compartment for stacking components, assembly fixtures.

Assembly setup- Gearshifter

Assembly of Rivets & cages

Anti Pinch Motor Assembly workstation

Assembly Work Station for Special Dispensing Pump

Semi Auto Assembly Station

Special Assembly workstation with Fixtures & Tools

  Assembly work Benches For Components
Workstations For Production And Assembly Of Various Automobile Components And Units
Gear Shifter Lever Assembly Set-Up For Automobile

Below are some of the applications

Workstations for production & assembly of various automobile components & units

  • Gear shifter lever Assembly
  • Window regulator Assembly
  • Turbocharger Assembly
  • Pump & valve Assembly
  • Sheet Metal Assembly
  • Nozzle & Cap Assembly

Sheet Metal Parts Assembly

Bio Medical Industry

Automobile Industry